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Friday, June 22, 2012

Travelers Rely on B&Bs

As B&B owners and innkeepers in New York City, our experiences have allowed us a unique view of the travel industry.  Since we are owner operated, we have much more personal contact with our guests, and they rely on us to be their personal concierge. Our success as small business owners is directly related to how well we tend to the needs of our guests, such as costs and services, as well as recommending the best dinner option for a travelling young couple in the East Village.  B&Bs provide a friendly and unique atmosphere that big hotels and hostels cannot recreate.  It is our local knowledge and personal touch that brings folks back to NYC time and time again.

The data back us up as well.  A recent survey by  asked visitors of the site, “What was their favorite Summer destination?” 

And the top destination for B&B travelers for 2012… New York City!  That’s right; the Big Apple is the top destination for those who stay in B&Bs.  Over 67 percent of B&B travelers are planning to return to a destination they have visited before, and 54 percent are again staying in a B&B. 

In fact, the data showed that most travelers say B&Bs “provide more value than hotels (71%) and would choose a B&B over a hotel if both were available for the same nightly rate (84%). “

Most of the time, B&Bs conjure up images of a small New England town or Napa Valley Wine country, but the reality is 23 percent of B&Bs are located in urban areas just like New York City.  StayNYC is dedicated to protecting these B&Bs by working with elected officials to make sure that our registered B&Bs remain exempt from any illegal hotel legislation.